Web Movie Creation provides full production services. We are professional video production company that provides a full range of video production services. Our bread and butter is working with clients and taking them from creative, scriptwriting, shooting, editing and distribution.

We have extended experience in shooting personal stories, educational videos, weddings, documentaries, music and theater events by using multiple cameras, jib cranes and other equipment. We handle the whole set including costumes, make-up, lighting, sound recording, camera positioning, synchronizing video and sound (Gen-lock) and more. Our recording format is mainly 1080p but we also have the capacity to go for 2K or 4K.

If you wish to create a small movie or want to capture a bigger life event, we can do it. But not only that. For each level of the needed workflow we offer efficient tutorials. This includes story board writing, shooting techniques, camera operation, sound capturing by correctly positioning microphones or using wireless mikes, lighting setups with various light sources, organizing the set, shooting sequences, inteview techniques, steady cam setups and more.

Movie making is fun. Hovever, it requires endowment and some knowledge about optics, electricity, geometrical perspectives, sound acoustics, feeling for music, aesthetics and composition, to name a few. You can even do it without beeing an expert, but your movies will turn out much better when you know at least master the basics. And we will teach you all of them. Don't hesitate, let's just do it!